Frequent Questions

Why has Road Discounts been founded?

To enable self-employed, owner-operators and SMEs to lower their operating costs in order to promote the growth of their business and to improve their ability to compete with large companies. Profitability could allow some of them to spend more time with family, to finally take a vacation or to complete projects.

Who can join Road Discounts?

All self-employed owner-operators and SMEs working in the road transportation sector or for whom road transportation is essential to the operation of their business.

Who to contact?

Jean-François Ouellet and Linda Gazaille. The contact details are available by clicking here

How to join?

You must first complete an online application form and pay the fee determined by the type of membership you want for your business and/or employees. Conditional on its acceptance, your application will allow you to join the Road Discounts club.

Will there an invoice?

You will receive the invoice by email to the address provided and appearing in your "Member Profile".

How to pay the invoice?

Using the method of payment provided in the "Membership" section:

  1. Mastercard
  2. Visa
  3. American Express

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, you will get a receipt by mail upon payment of your annual fees.

Is there a membership card? If I own several trucks and/or employees who wish to benefit from the advantages, how many cards will be issued?

Yes, following the payment of your membership, you will receive one or more membership cards annually depending on your circumstances:

  1. you will receive an additional membership card for each employee who participates and for whom your company has paid the membership fees;
  2. you will receive a number of membership cards corresponding to the number of trucks used in your company.

Can employees who are not truckers join Road Discounts to enjoy benefits related to automobile and home insurance?

Yes, all your employees can join, including office staff, building maintenance, housekeeping or engineering.

I can't believe it! How is this possible?

It is the result of the bargaining power of the group.

How do you get such low prices?

By allowing our suppliers to access a large targeted audience and requiring no compensation, commission, nor return on sales volume from them. So you get 100% of all savings granted by our partners.

How to save?

Active members (paid fees) have to access all negotiated discounts covered by their membership type, conditional on their acceptance by the supplier. You should mention your member number or email address to applicable suppliers stating that you are a member of the Road Discounts club, Groupe 100% Owner Op., Or 100% Owner Op. Canada. However, some providers require you to complete a form, provide some additional information or to produce certain additional documents. A delay could apply before they agree or refuse to give you discounts, great prices and preferential rates (eg fuel). Suppliers can choose to exclude a member or future member from the offer, at their sole discretion.

Does it work in the United-States?

Some suppliers who give discounts, great prices and preferential rates in the United-States may differ from those existing in Canada. Other vendors do not offer any in the US or outside the province of Québec, Canada.

P.S. The Irving fuel card is a TCH card and works in most fuel points of sale. Some corporate suppliers like Flying-J, Pilot, T-A, Petro offer discounts of up to 0.08 cents lower than the posted cash price.

Are the services and discounts from suppliers guaranteed?

Road Discounts is not responsible for their partners or their services. Road Discounts does not guarantee the services or discounts offered by partners, nor low prices or preferential rates as they are the sole responsibility of the partners. Road Discounts can not be held financially or legally liable for any loss or any ordinary or extraordinary expenses incurred by a member for a temporary or permanent interruption of supply of product and/or service by a partner. It is the same in the event of the termination of a partnership or the removal of a discount, a price advantage or preferential rates, for any reason whatsoever.