For the purpose of sharing and mutual support for owner operators, on 13 March 2015, Jean-François Ouellet created a private group on Facebook known as "100% Owner Op." in French and "100% Owner Op. Canada" for English-speaking clients.

As discussions with members of the group evolved, he noted that not all pay the same price for fuel. He then wishes to pay less, too! He communicates with different suppliers, who ask him to form a group so that they can give him a discount. On his own, it's impossible to obtain a better price. Some suppliers require the creation of a group from which one must be a member to enjoy discounted prices and this, as a legally constituted company.

After discussions and analysis, he and his business partner Linda Gazaille, decide to create Road Discounts to allow all the self-employed, owner-operators and SMEs to benefit from discounts on fuel and much more... As a result, all become more competitive with large companies in the road transportation sector.