Word from the Founders

We have been ower operators in road transport for several years. We know the market well and understand the difficulties and the daily challenges you face.

We have created Road Discounts to help the self-employed community, owner operators and SMEs in the road transportation sector. Our goal is to help you reduce your operating costs and improve your ability to compete with larger companies. How? By negotiating discounts, great prices and preferential rates on products and services related mainly to road transportation for the benefit of a purchasing savings group which you can join.

Since Road Discounts does not require remuneration, commissions nor a percentage back on the volume of sales with suppliers and because you are a select clientele, they are very interested and open to negotiation. They grant you competitive prices. You benefit from 100% of our of negotiated discounts and achieve significant savings.

Special Thanks

We thank all our partners and especially Irving Oil and Harnois Groupe pétrolier, who believed in our project from the very beginning. All work every day with Road Discounts and are valuable allies for the success of your business. Moreover, we acknowledge the cooperation of Mr. Charles Pellerin and Mr. Sylvain Turgeon, formerly administrators of our Facebook pages: 100% and 100% Owner Op Owner Op Canada, and who have performed valued work...