The Road Discounts Team

The Road Discounts team is composed of its two founding owners and a host of valuable employees. Here are the key members:

Jean-Francois Ouellet

Jean-François Ouellet

President and founder.

Originally from the Montérégie region in the province of Québec, he is a passionate driver who has experience in long distance road transportation. After working for different shipping companies for many years, he decided to become an owner operator in 2009 and founded his own company: Blue Rider Transport inc. He travels the US and Canadian roads. Since 2014, Linda Gazaille him and work together and form a dynamic duo.

At the age of 13 years old, he was initiated to truck driving in a family excavation business. Over the years, he has completed several training courses and evolved in various industries including: automotive mechanics, machining, tooling, industrial mechanics, electronics and consultative sales.

With an interest and computer skills and electronics, he's curious and did a lot of research about the equipment related to road transportation. Always on the lookout for new technologies, he enjoys discussions with representatives of various manufacturers for which he tests and evaluates certain products, including Garmin, Rand McNally and Dod.

Moreover, he is a born negotiator: he always tries to get the best value for all products and services that his friends, acquaintances and himself need.

Sociable and talkative, he loves to exchange with his fellow truckers to acquire new knowledge and share his own. Generous, he deploys all his energy for the well-being and success of the people around him.

Linda Gazaille

Linda Gazaille

Vice-president et founder.

She is native of the Montérégie region in the province of Quebec. Jean-François Ouellet passed his passion for cross-border transportation onto her. Following her heart and passion, she decided to change careers. In 2009 she became co-owner of Blue Rider Transport inc. Today, both are owner operators forming a team of friendly, professional, reliable, hardworking and determined truckers.

Born into a family where the quest for discounts was a way of life and hard work essential, Linda still prefers to this day to dedicate the time required to find the best price or wait for the right opportunities to save and not pay MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) that always seems too expensive.

Linda has had diversified interests from a young age. She has completed several trainings courses and held various jobs related to the following areas: health sciences and nursing, fitness, hairdressing, catering and beverage services, sales consulting, and road transportation law.

LL.B and Notarial Law Diploma in hand, she first developed her legal and drafting skills by practicing as a notary in her office with other partners. Recognized for her perseverance, methodical spirit and thoroughness, she seized the opportunity to continue her legal career in the provincial public service for many years. Her social skills have allowed her to excel at customer service in all areas, including the legal sector.

Her knowledge, management skills and willingness to contribute to the success and well-being of all make her a quiet strength Road Discounts. She participates in negotiations, works to drafting agreements of all kinds. In addition, she is responsible for written communications with partners and members.

BlankFactory Design inc.

BlankFactory Design inc.

Eric Alloi, MA, president.

BlankFactory Design specializes in communications and marketing for businesses. In 2001, Eric Alloi founded the company at the time where web design was not yet taught in schools. He has lectured in literature and cinema, teaching at University of Montreal and Sherbrooke University. He has also given trainings courses to teach the arts of web design and programming at Vidéographe and the Union des Artistes.

With Road Discounts, BlankFactory Design provides comprehensive services, guiding the team from the choice of name, design of corporate image, to the strategic plan and the production of communication and commerce tools. Eric is a born curious, is interested in areas he supports and loves working closely with his customers.

Le Groupe Santoni inc.

Le Groupe Santoni inc.

Françoise Santoni, accountant and approved trainer.

Le Groupe Santoni provides accounting services, installation and training of accounting software to companies and individuals from all regions of Quebec. Our years of experience and expertise are a guarantee of quality and surpassing ourselves for our customers.

We are pleased to be involved and support Road Discounts from the first day of its activities and for the continuity of its flourishing business. Congratulations to Jean-François Ouellet and Linda Gazaille for this concept that offers discounts and favorable prices to all its members.