Compact Service

Since 1988, Compact Service is involved in the field of transportation in Canada, mainly in Quebec and also in the northern United-States. Its reputation is well established: since its opening, Compact Service has served the majority of major players in Québec transportation sector.

With over 500 customers, Compact Service strives every day to give the best possible service. Since the acquisition of the company by Francine Beaudoin in 2010, Compact Service has increased the services offered to its customers while keeping a range of very reasonable and more affordable prices than the competition, all with a professional level of service. The arrival of Guy Boisvert within the Compact Service team in 2014 has brought 30 years of experience in business and transportation.

Compact Service takes the profitability of its customers at heart. While some players in the permits sector in Québec charge for advice, Compact Service increases its availability to customers so they can be more aware of the new rules of the market and all new tools, and this, at no charge.

Compact Service is proud to join with Road Discounts and took the opportunity to improve service offer by cutting costs on your IFTA reports and reducing service charges on various sets of services for all active Road Discounts members(100% owner op.) in addition to offering its services at very competitive prices, far from prices of the competition.

This is Compact Service's way to wish Road Discounts welcome.

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