Essor Assurances

ESSOR Insurance was established in 1958 by the Duval family, originally from Beauce, following the acquisition of a damage insurance firm in Thetford Mines which itself was founded in 1908.

With the objective of extending its activities ESSOR Insurance solidified its foundation by performing a series of ambitious acquisitions across various regions of Québec. This allowed several regions to have the expertise of trustworthy damage insurance brokers.

Over time, ESSOR Insurance has become synonymous with trust, customer proximity, competence and respect in each region where the company has taken root. By strategically targeting some areas it was then possible to offer a wide range of products and services in both personal and commercial insurance. Thus, the needs inherent in these regions could be met through a visionary and competitive spirit.

We are currently one of the largest damage insurance firms in Québec. More than 100 000 clients entrust us with the management of their assets at our 13 offices across the province.

At this time, ESSOR Insurance has 224 employees, including 149 brokers entirely dedicated to the protection and well-being of their customers.



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