Harnois Énergies

Harnois Énergies was founded in the heart of Lanaudière in 1958 and the company has become the largest private independent distributor of petroleum products in Québec.

To meet the petroleum product needs of its industrial, commercial and residential customers, HÉ offers a wide range of petroleum products: gasoline, diesel, propane, aviation fuels, heating oil and lubricants (motor oils and greases) as well as related products such as diesel exhaust fluid (urea), windshield washer fluid and antifreeze.

Its products are sold to its thousands of customers in Québec, Nunavut, Labrador and many other regions of Canada. They are available under the private brands: Harnois, H-Go as well as under the Esso and Mobil brands.

Harnois Énergies supplies a retail network of nearly 400 service stations, under the Harnois, Pétro-T or Esso banners. Of this number, more than a hundred corporate sites are operated with a convenience store under the Proxi banner.

Two programs to better meet your needs

Énergies Express

The Énergies Express program provides access to a large network across Québec comprising more than:

  • 100 corporate gas stations;
  • 25 sites offering commercial diesel including 21 24-hour automated sites with Petro Vend.

It also offers competitive prices adjusted and sent daily, including discounts that follow market fluctuations.

The other advantages offered are:

  • Harnois Énergies mobile application to maximize your trips;
  • secure card with PIN;
  • a customer portal accessible by web or cell phone to manage your account;
  • detailed summary by purchase amount, taxes and volume in liters, per transport unit;
  • statement of account sent on a weekly or monthly basis;
  • purchase of automotive products charged to your account in our corporate network such as: windshield washer fluid, lubricants, antifreeze, diesel exhaust fluid and car wash.

Relais Routier (Esso)

It offers your business market-sensitive pricing, credit terms and a large network of stations conveniently located across Canada at over 160 card supply stations across Canada, including 5 Esso Cardlock Commercial locations in Québec. This program provides real-time card management and secure access to your account information at all times through a web portal.

By being a member of Road Discounts and using the Esso cardlock card, you can benefit from a group discount on diesel at all stations in this cardlock network.

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