Harnois Énergies

Harnois Énergies was established in the heart of Lanaudière in 1958; since then, the company has become the leading private, independent distributor of petroleum products in Québec.

To meet the petroleum-product needs of its industrial, commercial and residential customers, HGP offers an expanded range of petroleum products: gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, home fuel oil and lubricants (motor oils and greases) as well as associated products such as diesel exhaust fuel (urea), windshield-washer fluid and antifreeze.

Its products are sold to its thousands of customers in Quebec, Nunavut, Labrador and other areas of Canada. They are available under the private brands Harnois, H-Go, Diesel Express as well as under the Esso and Mobil brands.

HGP notably supplies a retail sales network of 400 service stations under the Harnois, Pétro-T and Esso banners. Of these stations, more than thirty corporate sites are operated with convenience stores under the Le magasin banner.

Esso Harnois Cardlock Card

It offers your company market-responsive pricing, credit terms and a large network of stations well located throughout Canada at more than 80 cardlocks, including 5 Harnois sites in Québec. This program allows real-time card management and safe access to your account information at all times via a Web portal.

As a 100% Owner Op. member using the Harnois Esso cardlock card, you receive a group discount on diesel at all the stations in this cardlock network.

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