Corporate Membership with Road Discounts

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2. Conditions and membership form

Membership Contract

The sections below present the terms of the membership agreement with the Road Discounts Club. You must read and accept these terms in order to join.

Admission requirements

Unless accepted, this application does not create any obligation between the Applicant and Road Discounts Canada Inc. (Also known as the "Company"). The admission of the applicant as a member is subject to its acceptance by Road Discounts Canada Inc., which may refuse this application at its sole discretion. The services provided to members by the Company are available to the applicant only when he is admitted as a member in good standing of the Road Discounts Club after having paid the annual membership fees according to the agreed terms. Road Discounts Canada Inc. does not guarantee the supply or maintenance of any product or service by its suppliers. The set and type of products and services provided to members are established by Road Discounts Canada inc. The provision of products and services to members depends on the upholding of agreements by suppliers identified by Road Discounts Canada Inc. The Company shall not be liable, legally, financially, judicially or otherwise in the event of a supplier's failure to comply with its obligations or the temporary or permanent interruption of its products or services with Road Discounts Canada Inc. and its members. Road Discounts may terminate an agreement with a supplier at its sole discretion.

Unless a member's membership is terminated by Road Discounts Canada inc. prior to the expiry of its term, and at its sole discretion, the membership subscription period is one (1) year. The application for renewal of a membership must be completed and transmitted at least 30 days before the expiry of the initial period of membership in order to reduce the risk of interruption of the supply of products and services to the member by any suppliers (eg interruption of operation of fuel cards supplied by an oil company). No renewal application will be necessary if the member has previously chosen to automatically renew its membership by selecting the button for this purpose when applying for membership for the current period. Members may withdraw their automatic membership renewal authorization by sending a written notice to the following email address: at least 30 working days before the expiry date of their current membership.


Are eligible for membership, subject to approval by Road Discounts Canada inc., all drivers or operators*, all owner-operators, all SMEs engaged in commercial road transport using heavy vehicles, pick-up trucks with trailers, tow trucks or others, corporations incorporated under the laws of Canada or a province, including any business for which road transport is essential to its operation and has its own transportation services whether by heavy trucks, vans or other. Are also eligible for membership employees for whom an "employee" card was issued at the request of a corporate member, regardless of the position they hold within the company, and benefit from savings and discounts offered to drivers. Employees automatically lose their status as members as well as associated savings, discounts and advantages, when their employer is no longer a Road Discounts Club member.

*Driver or operator: a professional driver working in road transportation, an owner-operator or a person who's work involves operating a vehicule for which the required license must include one of the following classes in Québec: 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B,4C in accordance with the Regulation respecting licences, Highway Safety Code (C-24.2, r. 34), which classes may be otherwise designated according to terms of other provincial regulations or any provincial regulation governing Canadian drivers residing outside of Québec as well as any American (US) law or regulation governing drivers residing in the United States of America. This definition also includes holders of a class 5 licence in Québec engaged in commercial transport using, but not in a limited capacity, a pick-up truck with a trailer or a tow truck. That latter category may be otherwise designated for a driver operating outside of Québec as mentioned above.

False statements

Road Discounts will terminate the membership of any person who has completed an application form while failing to meet the criteria established for becoming a Member, without the right to be reimbursed for all or part of the paid fees.

Any false declaration concerning the number of trucks belonging to a company will result in being banned from the Road Discount Club for a period of TWO (2) years.

A company is required to notify Road Discounts of any change in the number of trucks making up its fleet and will have to pay the applicable fee of $ 50.00 for each additional truck.


No refunds will be granted for members of types A and B unless they send by e-mail written proof that ALL partners refuse to admit them as customers, in a period of 60 working days from the date when their membership has taken effect.

With respect to fuel, a member who has submitted an account application to one or all of our suppliers, and who is denied access to the prices negotiated by the Road Discount Club for all submitted applications, a maximum reimbursement of $ 60.00 can be claimed since all benefits for all other products and services remain available. No refund of membership fees is possible for C-type members (employees), in all circumstances. The same applies to a driver who has completed a membership form for this reason.

Applicant Declaration

The Applicant submits to Road Discounts Club Canada inc. this application for membership to the Road Discounts Club while declaring to understand the conditions of membership set out above and agrees to comply with the provisions contained therein as well as with present and future regulations and any decision made by Road Discounts Club Canada inc. The applicant agrees to pay promptly to Road Discounts Club Canada inc. its contribution in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the company. Road Discounts Club Canada Inc. reserves the right to change the membership fee and the conditions of admission without notice. Changes to membership fees will only affect a member when the membership is renewed, as its membership status is an acquired right.

Important Notice

If you refuse to send to our partners the business or personal information that you have entered in the various forms or revealed by any other means of written or verbal communication, do not adhere to the Road Discounts Club because they are essential to obtaining benefits, discounts, low prices, etc. offered by the latter.

If your address has an appartment number, write first the appartment, a dash, then the street address number. For 123 appartment 10, you would write: "10-123".


( See example)

( See example)

( See example)

( See example)

( See example)


Indicate the number of trucks in your fleet and if you need fuel discounts. In addition, you can offer discount cards to your drivers. This is optional, and please note that your business card automatically gives you access to these discounts. If you are self-employed, for example, you do not need an extra card for yourself:

* I need discounts on fuel:

* I wish to become a member for
(your choice is in orange) :

Additional trucks and employee cards not included.


Secure payment

Please note that the Road Discounts Club checks the validity of promotional codes and submitted data. The use of a code that is not intended for you or an inaccurate number of trucks will automatically result in a ban from the Road Discounts Club for a period of two (2) years!